Pig abuse in factory farms; they aren’t the only victims. 

Many people consume meat and are unaware of not only the inhumane treatment of the animal, but the great impact it is having on the environment and on ourselves as well. I wanted to make this more about spreading awareness, than being about my personal beliefs on how animals should be treated. I do though, want to give you all a better understanding of what I advocate and what I represent as a vegetarian. I have an immense passion for the well-being of animals, and I truly believe that every creature deserves a chance at life. Whether it be domestic or wild, mammal or amphibian, and regardless of it’s size, they all aspire to live a life where they are free… just like us. However, many may disagree with my viewpoints, especially since they go against society’s grand tradition, the consumption of flesh. Of course we all have stumbled upon undercover footage or documentaries about how livestock truly works, and it’s media like these that spark curiosity. How can we possibly end this genocide? Go Vegan. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, for many of us we may have families who refuse to support a vegan lifestyle, or others just can’t picture a life without eating meat or using other animal products. Everyone ‘feels bad’ but no one makes a change. So, before you think to yourself “Oh man, here goes Cat again with the preaching!”, just hear me out. I’m greatly aware that millions of people enjoy eating meat, so I at least would like to inform you about the lies you’re currently being told when shopping at the ‘poultry’ section. “Organic?” Not even close.     The only way we will ever know about where our meat and dairy products come from, is not from the fake commercials, but from undercover footage of these horrendous facilities. Iowa happens to be the largest pork producers in the country, yet while every other states are creating new laws for more humane treatment in factory farms, they’re the only state that’s trying to conceal their bloody businesses rather than fix it. As stated in an article specifically about Pig factory farms on mercyforanimals.org, “Mother sows are confined to barren metal crates barely larger than their own bodies, and are unable to turn around or lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives.” These heart-breaking confinements are just one of the many things wrong with their treatment. Pigs deserve a lot of room to move around and sleep, imagine having to live in a cage with barely enough room to move for the rest of your existence. 

   Tyson Foods, the largest meat producer, ended its contract with an Oklahoma farm after undercover footage of their workers abusing the pigs was released to the public. Administration took possession of every animal in the location, and fired every worker featured in the video. Such acts of violence included hitting, kicking, throwing, and striking of animals with wooden boards. Piglets also had their delicate skulls smashed into walls or floors in attempts of euthanizing them, when in many cases these babies would still be conscious for up to hours at a time, suffering a slow, and excrutiating death. Thankfully, Tyson handled this case immediately, but that doesn’t justify their mistake. Workers should be properly trained to handle these animals, as well as required supervision at all times, and that should include surveillance camera’s for the safety of the animals as well as the employees in case of an emergency. Not only is this form of treatment unnacceptable, but it goes way beyond that, which includes putting our health and sealife at high risks. 

    Although ethical reasons may not be sufficient enough to make you reconsider your actions, our oceans, it’s creatures, and our well-being is at stake. At many pig farms, you’ll find hundreds of lagoons filled with pure waste (shit). These lagoons release gases like ammonia into the air, that eventually gets back down to our lakes and deprives them of oxygen, killing thousands of fish and other species in the process. Millions of bacteria are also released into the air, many of which are resistant to human antibiotics. According to a Rolling Stone article (name is unavailable) Smithfields Farms spray hog waste into the air everyday, contaminating the residents who live nearby, leading them to gain symptoms such as bronchitis, asthma, heart palpitations, headaches, seizures, diarrhea, nosebleeds, and brain damage. This needs to come to an immediate end. Our people shouldn’t have to be living in such a filthy atmposphere, nor should our fishes die due to the lack of maintenance for lagoons which lead to the spills in the first place. Many may argue that sea life aren’t important and if they aren’t the ones being affected with such symptoms then why should they care? 

   Obviously, I don’ t support the consumption of animals but I am very mindful that people feel otherwise. Becoming a Vegetarian or Vegan may not be a favorable option, so that’s why there’s still ways you can make a difference. Don’t purchase meats for cheap! It’s a low price for a reason, none of the money goes towards properly maintaning the animals. Do your research and find brands that are dedicated to humanely raising animals. Look up labels like ‘grass fed’ and ‘pasture raised’ too! By making small changes like these, you’ll definitely feel better about what you’re consuming. 

  I care due to the fact that I have family and friends who don’t want to make such drastic lifestyle changes like transitioning into vegetarianism or veganism, so I want to provide more options since I know that they don’t want to contribute to more negative things since eating meat itself is already morally wrong and just unethical. I hope that this can create a change of heart in my readers and make them maintain a cleaner environment just by making few changes to their food options. I know being vegan/vegetarian isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay, but at least look into it and always keep an open mind. 



Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about my talent:  art. Some of you may or may not know that I love to draw and have probably seen my work posted on my Instagram. I’ll give you guys some background information about my experience. I took intermediate art classes from ages 11-12 and enrolled in the sculpture/ clay-modeling conservatory classes (internship program) at the age of 14. I am currently in figure drawing and comic illustration conservatory classes (I’m currently 15) at the Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County. In my intermediate classes, I was introduced to colored chalk pastels, charcoal, shading pencils and drawing still-life. Still life is a form of painting or drawing that involves either natural (fruit, plants) or man-made (pots, vases) objects. It involves a lot of highlights and shadows due to the special drop-lights used to create more dimension on the focused object. In my sculpture class, we worked with clay and were assigned to create our own “Tree of life” and to incorporate the things most precious in our lives but still maintain the focus of the base being an actual tree. I have just received a scholarship of $300 to enroll in art classes at the Rowayton Arts Center. They wanted to sponsor one of Brien McMahon’s students, and that lucky student was me! My art teacher recommended me for it and I’m very grateful for this opportunity! Below are some pieces from a while back and others are recently finished pieces. Hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think!

  This is a portrait of Kid Cudi, my favorite artist (musician haha) drawn on black paper using only a white colored-pencil! This was honestly the most difficult drawing I’ve ever done! It was so crucial to incorporate all of the highlights and shadows, but with white?! Super hard.


He works, she stays home.

Gender roles is probably the most idiotic concept I have ever heard of. The idea of pink being a girl color and blue being a boy’s, makes absolutely no sense to me. A color does NOT have a gender. If my child were to ever paint their room or throw a birthday party, I’d make sure they choose whatever theme or color that they are truly happy with, not what society makes them believe is ‘appropriate’. The stereotypical concept of a woman staying home, cleaning and cooking, while the male works and provides the overall income, get’s me so angry. It’s 2016, I think it’s time we get over our traditional beliefs and let both genders be independent, teach them the same things, and treat them equally. My grandmother, as well as my mother, both tell me that I need to learn to cook, and that it’s not polite for a girl to have a messy room. But when it comes to my brothers, they cook for them, and their dirty rooms aren’t a problem. I always tell them to stop being so sexist, and if they’re going to tell me those things then it should be told to every member in my family. It’s frustrating when your family pressures you into feeling like these principles are relevant to attracting or keeping a man. I DON’T NEED A MAN! If I ever move in with my significant other, we’re both doing laundry, we’re both doing the dishes, we’re both cooking, and we’re both going to work and provide income to support EACHOTHER. I will teach my children that society has no say in what they choose to wear, or what their role is in a relationship. I shop at the mens section at Forever21 and I have no shame. I go thrift shopping and all of my button downs and plaid shirts are from the mens section. But why does it matter where I choose to get my clothes from? It’s my body. I’ll wear whatever makes me feel confident and happy. No clothing is too ‘feminine’ and you should never label a girl for looking too ‘boy-ish’ and vise versa. The same goes for verbal or physical abuse, rape, cat-calling, harrasment and many other things. We automatically assume it’s the male doing such acts towards females, when it’s an equal crime caused by both genders. If a boy has been abused by his girlfriend that doesn’t make him less ‘manlier’ or a ‘punk’. If a girl loves to play baseball and other sports or loves to do adventurous things, that doesn’t make her any less’feminine’, and she shouldn’t be labeled as not being strong or tough. If a boy loves ballet or listening to Rihanna, that doesn’t make him gay! WTF! Both genders are strong, and capable of doing great things. We are entitled to our own likes and dislikes, hobbies, and style. Let’s stop using our gender as an excuse to disregard the other and make them feel smaller. WHY NOT EMPOWER EACHOTHER, INSTEAD OF BRINGING EACHOTHER DOWN?! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and you’re okay. If you ever need someone to talk to, whether you want to talk about how much you love apples, or about your day, vent your thoughts, or have some really tough things going on, I’m here for you. Please feel free to call or text me if you ever need me, okay?


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Take care, and just know that you are loved and appreciated. 

Who are you? : A masked individual, or a proudly flawed one? 

It’s hard to love yourself when you’re surrounded by so much negativity. I know, it truly is tough. Magazines filled with skinny girls, weight loss and makeup commercials on TV… society tells us to accept who we are, then shows us how to change who we are. Lose a couple more pounds, MASK your FLAWS with some makeup, wear expensive clothes and shoes… and there you have it, you’re “perfect.” Yes, I may be ‘skinny’ but that doesn’t mean that I have my moments. Yes, I wear makeup, but at least I can say that I love myself without it. Yes, I wear clothes and shoes that may be a bit pricey, but I know I don’t need them. There’s a difference between loving fashion and just being materialistic. There’s a difference between saying you love yourself and actually meaning it. 

Here’s me. The REAL Cat. I never felt comfortable posting pictures nor taking pictures of myself bare and all. This is a really big deal for me, because I don’t like being judged or showing my flaws but I can’t be a hypocrite either. I can’t sit here and tell you to appreciate, respect, and love yourself, if I am not doing the same. Hopefully, me daring to post a picture that I’m normally uncomfortable with, speaks louder than my words and truly proves that I accept myself and I don’t care about what anyone thinks of me. I love me.
Here’s the other side to Cat. The side that I am truly more confident with. I just feel that makeup allows me to enhance my features and it’s just amazing how it can transform anyone! I don’t need makeup, but I love it. It makes me feel me feel more put together and like I can take over the world! It’s that extra boost of “Damn Cat, you’re looking mighty fine” yanno? But please, don’t ever feel like you need it to impress someone or make others like you or find you attractive! You’re beautiful regardless!



Okay, so a few days ago I visited a pet supply store and I started to make my way down the ‘Chew Toy’ isle, I noticed one that stood out to me in particular.


Whet even is lyfe… like am I right?

I just think that’s the sickest thing ever. Why would you want to cause harm to an innocent animal, just so you could entertain yours? Give your dog a ball, not a toy that contains the body part of another being! It’s so mean! Knowing that there are SO MANY dog toys out there, some ridiculous person decided to start chopping off the horns of Water Buffalo just to make money.  I hate the fact that our society has to inflict pain, just to benefit their certain lifestyle (make money). Just like eating or wearing products that contain an animal, PLEASE, don’t buy these type of treats or toys for your pets. These buffalo’s don’t have words to speak and fight back, but I do. Do you really think they deserve to go through this? Horns are such a vital part of not only the buffalo, but of many other animals as well. I did some research and found out that horns, other than defense against predators, actually help in many more ways. It’s vital when the animal needs to fight others of the same species for territory, mating, and for food. Humans hunt down animals for their horns to earn trophies and medals at competitions, and to also make tools, furniture, decorations, musical instruments and more. By us doing such terrible practices, we’re impacting this animals life forever. They’ll always stand out, making them appear weak and eventually leading to death since they can’t defend themselves against vicious predators. They won’t be able to attract or fight for a mate either. I hope after reading this, you are more aware about this heartbreaking topic, and choose not to support such cruelty by refusing to purchase such products. It’s disgusting.

Thank you so much for your time, make sure to come back soon!


Feel free to contact me through direct message on Instagram if you ever need help, or just a friend to talk to! Hope you had an amazing day.


You’re a hypocrite.

This blog is most likely going to make you upset, and you’ll probably feel like you’re being attacked, and I’m judging you, but I’m not. If you’re the type of person who can’t respect ones opinion, and who can’t handle the truth then I suggest that you don’t continue reading this post. 

Scenario 1

You’re at the park, maybe with some friends or family members, and you’re having a great time. All of a sudden you hear some cries, and screams… you think to yourself “Where’s that noise coming from?” So from the curiosity, you begin to look around, the excruciating sounds become louder.

You see a man beating up a puppy.

What do you do next? Honestly what the hell do you do next? Call 911? Yell at the man to get off the poor animal? You’d try and help right? Of course you would! Why? Because you have empathy! Humans, for the most part, are very compassionate beings! But let’s replace this puppy with a pig. Or a cow. Or a chicken. What would you do? Sit back, watch, and then say “Yeah! Keep going! We can throw it on the grill when you’re done!” or would you find the kindness in your heart to help? I hope so. But then, for breakfast you had bacon and some pancakes? Hm. What other than the animal changes in this situation? Do they have less emotions? Less worth? Oh, okay. I was just wondering, but I’ll let you be the judge of that since you’re clearly so educated about what’s truly going on in this sick world, right? 

Scenario 2

What if you saw a group of people burning the American Flag? Maybe the Bible? You’d probably call the police, make a huge scene, or protest against this ‘insane’act. But I mean, it’s just some cloth, and a book when it all comes down to it right? It’s an inanimate object. Let me give you the exact definition for this word. 

Inanimate. Adjective. No having the qualities associated with active, living organisms. Grammar belonging to the class nouns that stand for nonliving things. The word car is inanimate, the word dog is animate.

I’ll give you the definition of animate so you could keep that in your mind as you continue to read this post. 

Animate. Alive or having life 
Synonyms: living, breathing, live

Anyways, you see either one of those objects being burned and you sure are furious. Most of you would manage to react negatively  in some sort of way. I mean, just thinking of someone doing such a thing is probably pissing you off right about now! But let’s replace that Bible or Flag with a pig. Or a cow. Or a chicken. I mean hey, let’s burn them too! What makes me so sick is that we can slaughter (a what used to be) living, innocent creature with emotions, a family, eyes to see, ears to hear, a brain to think, JUST LIKE US. We abuse, rape, and kill them against their will, just to fill our stomachs. Now that’s selfish. What the hell makes this okay to you?! You honestly can’t justify this genocide. 


Scenario 3 

Do you remember when your mother told you how she felt when you came into this world? The first time she held you. Kissed you. Saw your precious face. I bet she was smiling from ear to ear as she was telling you this.

But what if you were stripped away from your mom, as soon as you were born? Taken away from her, never to be seen again. She’ll be left depressed, and you’re dying to have some of her milk. Too bad her milk isn’t for you, it’s for others. She’ll keep having babies by being artificially inseminated against her will, or what most sensible people call “raped”, so that she can produce even more milk since she’s pregnant now, and be used by the dairy industry to make millions off of her and others. If you’re a male, off to the slaughter house you go, but if you’re a female, you’ll have to go through the same horrible process.

These are just some of the many inhumane things that cows have to go through just so you can have milk in your cup or some steak for dinner. But by all means, keep supporting this ongoing genocide, you’re serving so much justice to society! 

Even insects that may seem “small” to you, play a big role in our way of life. The world would not be able to last more than 4 years if Bee’s were to become extinct. They pollinate our fruits, flowers, and trees, and are so vital to our lives. 

I’m being blunt but it’s for a reason. I’m sick of seeing the hamburgers and hearing “I love meat!” and every other shitty, ignorant thing companies and people do that support such inhumane acts against these beautiful, nonetheless INNOCENT animals. I’m tired of biting my tongue due to the fact that I’m afraid of people disliking my opinions. In no way am I trying to make you become a vegetarian or vegan, my only intentions are to educate and make you all aware what exactly you are WILLINGLY contributing to. Whatever you decide to do with that information is up to you. I apologize if I offended anyone, I’m just fed up. (Not with meat though! HAHA see what I did there?!) Anyways, I needed to vent and this is honestly the best way for me to express my thoughts. I hope you understand that this isn’t about me, this is about giving ALL animals their well deserved, basic rights, and an equal opportunity of living a happy life. 







Hey everyone, I’m back! I hope you’re all having a great week so far! Today I want to dicuss the one and only… love. Now, what exactly is love? To me, it’s having a special, emotional bond with someone that understands you on a much deeper level. They know your quirks and fears and dreams, you can be the goofball that you are, and you feel so comfortable around them. You count on them to hold the words others do not, every word spoken by them is beautiful and makes you feel safe, they’re the only ones who understand you. They deal with your crap and your nagging and your ridiculous insecurities, and stick by your side no matter how tough things may get. (I’m sorry I’m being so corny I just read lots of poems, don’t judge boo.) If no one has come to your mind while you were reading this, chances are you just haven’t found that special someone. Babe, I’m here to tell you, that’s perfectly okay!!! We’re all so young! We have a lifetime full of adventures and memories to experience, go with the flow, and just take everything one step at a time. One day you’ll wake up at 3 a.m, because you just can’t bare the fact you have someone to call yours. One day you’ll have someone who can wipe not only your tears, but the cheese from the corner of your mouth while you two are eating (literally goals, am I right?). One day you’ll be able to experience the chills running through your body when your lover looks at you like you’re art, their masterpiece and most prized possession. One day, you’ll have it all. Don’t think that just because you’re single, you aren’t noticed,appreciated, loved or worthy. You are everything. Especially to me. You all are. Keep doing what you do, and don’t rush or force love, let it come your way. But for now, just keep living life and be happy! Your relationship status shouldn’t rob you from your self-love or make you want someone to fill the empty space inside of you. You take care of yourself. You love yourself. You don’t need to wait for some boy/girl to make you realize how amazing you are. You look in the mirror and you remind yourself of all the beautiful things that make you, you. I know, we all get lonely and we all want our own fairy-tales, but that’s just not how life works. There’s going to be heart-breaks, and arguments, and you’re going to be let down by the ones you adored most. I love you, now go out there, and love yourself too. Don’t just sit around and wait for someone to give you the world. Give yourself the world.
Until next time,